Frequently asked questions

How does RevSense automatically create ad-units, orders, line items and various tags?

RevSense uses APIs or programmatic hooks to configure ad server and various demand partners.

How does RevSense optimize revenue?

RevSense downloads performance data from various exchanges and publisher’s demand partners into a central data warehouse on a continual basis. It then uses Machine Learning (ML) to detect data patterns for a variety of factors like previous CPMs for the user, time of the day, OS, day of the week, geo region, device type etc. against demand partners’ performances.

Once this intelligence is generated, it creates an optimization strategy by setting up the most optimal CPM floors for each of the SSPs.

Does RevSense use its own ad server?

No! We allow publishers to provide their ad server.

What ad servers can RevSense work with?

Current version only includes support for DFP. However we are working on integration with AppNexus, OpenX and AdTech based ad servers.

Can we use our SSP accounts with RevSense?

Of course! We are primarily a yield optimization service provider and not a network. We want to bring efficiency into your current ad-ops workflow. We will use your accounts when we can.

However, you can always opt-in to use our demand partner accounts if youw want.

Do we need to create multiple ad units for various geos and OS types?

In most cases, no. We want to minimize your effort. You need not, for example, create multiple ad placements for your mobile traffic and multiple geos. The system will detect the presence of these variables and will create separate optimization paths.

Can RevSense optimize our native, video and in-app inventory?

Not yet but these features are coming very soon.

What other services does Mth Sense provide?

At Mth Sense we provide ad serving for clients by placing advertisements on websites and other online spaces using our specialized software solutions.