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One of the major problems in the mobile app industry is user acquisition. Gone are the days when one would just upload an app to an app store, and if it were a solid and disruptive idea, you would make your millions. Given that there are close to 1 million apps, it is almost impossible to get you noticed initially. One has to rely on advertising as the key avenue to get users. mth Sense helps advertises acquire quality (aka High Total Lifetime Value) users using a unique targeting technology. We provide advertisers an easy to use self-serving platform to run their campaigns. Our platform provides the necessary transparency and allows real time optimization

Why mth Sense

At the core lies our unique inference engine, which allows advertisers to provide accurate targeting. Using Big Data analysis, we provide advertiser various demographics and psychographics segments and a unique insight into the user behavior. Most mobile ad players run “blind” ads, which means you don’t really know where your ads are running. More importantly you have little control on performance and computer algorithms make targeting choices for you. Not to mention the countless stories where you campaign money just evaporated in a matter of minutes with a little or no effect on your user base. We wish bring a disruptive change to how mobile advertising is done.